Ada Cosmetics International (ADA) has strengthen its international presence and expanded its ‘corporate’ activities with the acquisition of Malaysian bathroom amenities company RDI Malaysia.

Producing body care products and soaps, as well as manufacturing packaging such as bottles and bottle caps, RDI Malaysia is based in Kuala Lumpur and sells predominately to Asia and North America.

The acquisition follows ADA’s 2015 purchase of Danish company Scandinavian Amenities and British Pacific Direct, which, according to ADA Chief Executive Officer Wilhelm B. Könning, were ‘strategic milestones’ for the company.

Könning continued, “The acquisition of RDI Malaysia continues this course of growth while the expansion of our corporate activities in the south eastern market strengthens our international presence. For ADA, this investment is a significant step in the ongoing development of this growth-oriented region.
“The acquisition permits us to offer our local clients true added value; local production and warehousing enables them to profit from quality and short delivery times.”