AmorePacific-owned retail chain Aritaum is set to increase its store count from 14 to 70 across the US and Canada, according to a report published by Racked.

Aritaum will carry products from the K-beauty giant’s multiple brands, including Laniege, Mamonde and Iope. An e-commerce site for the US market will follow at the close of 2016.

Many of the 70-target will be converted from pre-existing Amore stores, allowing the brand to take advantage of the increasing popularity of the make-up segment in the US. The new retail units will carry a different assortment of brands, and skus will increase from the average 400 to 500 carried by Amore shops to over 900.

“We want a newer base, younger – we want to be fun,” Heather Choi, Assistant Marketing Manager at AmorePacific, told Racked. “Sales went up after we converted, and there’s more make-up so people come and play. With Amore stores you go when you need something. Here, it’s a spontaneous visit.”