Senator for the Rio Negro province, Magdalena Odarda, has introduced a bill that, if passed, would end animal testing for cosmetic ingredients in Argentina. The bill proposes a two-year phase-in, after which the sale of new cosmetics tested on animals would be prohibited. Violation of the law would be punishable with fines, which would be diverted to animal protection programs in the country.

Animal Welfare Group Cruelty Free International was consulted in the preparation of the bill. “Cruelty Free International applauds Senator Magdalena Odarda for introducing this bill to end animal testing for cosmetics in Argentina. We were pleased to offer advice on this important issue and urge our supporters in Argentina and around the world to support the bill,” commented Cruelty Free International Chief Executive Michelle Thew.

“It’s wonderful that we have the support of people who care about animals all over the world and in preparing this bill we’ve worked closely with Cruelty Free International, which is also leading an effort to end animal testing for cosmetics in Brazil and many other countries. Together we can change the world,” added Odarda.

Meanwhile, Brazil’s bill, which was introduced earlier this year, is close to being passed after public hearings in the Senate. If the motion is carried, Brazil will join the EU, Israel and India, who have all banned the practice. The US, New Zealand, South Korea and Vietnam have legislation in progress to end animal testing for cosmetics while China has a partial ban in place.