Athena Cosmetics has appointed hair stylists Christopher Dove and John Simpson as brand spokesperson for its ReGenesis Hair Enhancing System range. 

Dove and Simpson will work with California-based brand Athena Cosmetics to develop products for professional stylists targeted at improving fine and thinning hair. 

“We want to elevate the ReGenesis Hair Enhancing System as a key player in the anti-aging hair category,” says Dove. “It is with great excitement that we announce this partnership and we really believe in the approach that Athena Cosmetics is taking,” adds Simpson.

Sabrina Little, Director of Marketing and Product Development, noted, “The goal is to lead the category with an all-inclusive approach to fine and thinning hair. It’s not just about the products you are using, it’s also about taking a deeper look into the hair concerns and developing a full professional curriculum for cut, color and style.”

Christopher Dove has over 20 years industry experience and has earned awards such as Hair Color USA’s “Hair Colorists of the Year”, “Masters Hairstylists of the Year”, “Most Inspiring Hair Colorists” and the prestigious “Icon Award” by The Professional Beauty Association and The National Cosmetology Association.

John Simpson is also an experienced stylist having garnered awards such as Hair Color USA’s “Colorist of the Year” Award. He was also a finalist for the “Mirror Award International Stylist,” and an NAHA Finalist for the Hair Color and Stylist Choice Award for “Favorite Platform Artist and Educator.”