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Unconscious or conscious racism: there’s no second chances

I don’t know about you, but the recent headlines about Dolce & Gabbana’s DG Loves China campaign made for some cringe-worthy, watch-from-behind-your-hands reading. With the company called out for its apparent trivialising of China’s culture and racist connotations of Chinese women, the fashion designer called time on its show. In fact, such was the fall out from the mid-judged campaign that D&G stores within the country have now got bodyguards positioned at the doors, with some online retailers delisting the brand from its sites. And this was all despite a heartfelt apology from the designers, with both Dolce &...


Instagram: Who you should be following

Instagram is the modern day magazine of our time. We’re all on it (aren’t we?) and for some it’s pretty addictive (it’s like my third child). So who should you be following within the cosmetics industry, and why? Well, let me tell you… Estee Laundry @esteelaundry The tongue-in-cheek play on Estee Lauder’s name gives you a small idea of what this account has to offer. Using its bio to describe itself as ‘Airing out the beauty industry’s dirty laundy’, Estee Laundry lifts the lid on beauty companies and what they’re doing wrong, such as copycat brands, big names creating...


We’d better wake up! Beauty needs to go plastic-free – and fast

We need to talk about the plastic problem. No, we really, really do – because while there’s been a hell of a lotta action on this front over the last few weeks, it’s not gonna be enough to change by 2025. That is, unless you want to lose customers, and lose them for good, in the meantime. I don’t say this lightly. I have been head of my household for nigh on 20 years and, for that entire time, I have used the same laundry detergent and fabric softener. When kind friends have dropped off hand-me-downs for my daughter,...


Male beauty – when is the so-called market take-off really going to happen?

Male beauty. The term that has been abounding the cosmetics industry for as long as I have been a beauty journalist, some 14 years. Even from my early days as a young whippersnapper reporter I have been writing about the imminent explosion of the world of cosmetics, beauty products, skin and personal care items and how it’s just about to take off. So that’s why this month’s Global Cosmetics News podcast really struck a chord with me. My colleague Georgina expertly led a discussion with Jessica Blackler from Jecca Makeup, Rebecca Goswell, Global Creative Director, Asquan and Jamie Mills,...


Authentic marketing is the buzzword of the moment. But how real should advertising campaigns really get?

While we have long been lambasting social media for its negative perceptions of perfection shoved unwillingly on its avid users, it seems that slowly but surely the tide is turning and social media is leading the way for more ‘real’ advertising campaigns. Thanks to the growing awareness of authenticity and embracing the true you, brands are being called out for their one-size fits all marketing promotions that portray flawless models using products that are said to help keep that flawless complexion in all its wonderful perfection. However, where the brands are failing, social media is chalking up a win...