Author: Georgina Caldwell

Turkey ends animal testing for cosmetics

Turkey has joined the ranks of the European Union, Isreal, Norway and India by introducing a ban on the sale of cosmetics that have been tested on animals, according to The Daily Sabah. The country’s Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Administration has added an additional article to its new regulation regarding the cosmetics industry banning animal testing for cosmetic products. The regulation will also require manufacturers to tag their products with Turkey-specific labels detailing the ingredients contained within any product sold in the country. The Turkish tags will be required on all products, regardless of whether the original packaging lists...


Global cosmetics packaging market to reach value of US$31.4 billion by 2020

The global cosmetics packaging industry is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.3 percent to reach a value of US$31.4 billion by 2020, according to a new report published by Research and Markets. Plastic packaging is the largest sub-sector of the global cosmetics packaging industry, with a market share of 50 to 55 percent, although glass packaging dominates in the fragrance category. In terms of global markets, North America leads the charge with a share of 30 percent, while APAC is expected to deliver the fastest growth for the forecast period. Packaging is becoming increasingly...


China’s new cosmetics regulations to govern oral care category

China’s Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) is drafting a new regulatory framework to govern cosmetics. The Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics was published in draft form on July 20th for public comments. The new regulations will usher in a raw material management system detailing those raw materials that require review and approval from the government, versus those that need filing. Under the new system, ‘special cosmetics’ such as sun screen, skin whitening products, hair colorants and permanent waving products as well as any other cosmetics products the CFDA deems to fall into this category will require...


US woman sent to jail and ordered to pay MAC Cosmetics US$1 million for selling counterfeit products

A federal judge has sentenced a 45-year-old woman from Florida, US, to 18 months in prison for selling counterfeit MAC cosmetics (Estée Lauder) to consumers and wholesalers. Tina Oleszczuk ordered fake MAC products in bulk from China, then sold them from her home via her website Cozmetic Delights LLC and eBay for almost two years, raking in over US$1 million. Oleszczuk has been ordered to pay a total of US$961,744.75 to MAC. A spokesperson from MAC Cosmetics released the following statement. “We would like to explain that our products are distributed for sale only at our authorized retail store...


Sandra Gebauer joins tech firm Selerant as Regulatory Director

Software provider Selerant Corporation has announced that Sandra Gebauer will join the firm this month as North American Director of its Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Team. Gebauer boasts 17 years of regulatory experience, having worked for General Mills, Pillsbury and Wm Wrigley Jr Company. Her first task will be to ensure data integrity for the Selerant Compliance Cloud, an online SaaS providing instant global regulatory updates. “I’ve been a long-term proponent of Selerant and its dedication to regulatory compliance best practices,” states Gebauer. “I believe that compliance can be viewed often as an overly complex chore, albeit a critical...