Author: Louise Prance-Miles

EU voices worries over Israel’s draft cosmetics regulation

The EU has voiced its concerns that comments it made regarding Israel’s draft cosmetics regulation have not been heeded, according to Chemical Watch. According to the EU in an WTO notification, the draft falls short of the EU legislation on which it is based, with Israel deviating from certain points. While the EU proposes that each cosmetic product is linked with a ‘responsible person’, Israel has included a requirement that the responsible person must submit quarterly reports for every product. Calling for Israeli authorities to revise the amendment, the EU stated that it would be, “very challenging and time...


Natura &ampCo elects Ian Bickley to Board of Directors

Natura &Co has elected Ian Bickley to its Board of Directors, with his nomination approved during the company’s AGM and Extraordinary General Meeting. Bickley has more than 25 years’ experience in global omnichannel and brand building having worked at Coach, where he oversaw the development and execution of its international businesses. Other previous roles include the position of President for Global Business Development and Strategic Alliances of the Tapestry Group (formerly Coach). Speaking of his election, Bickley said, “I’m delighted to be joining the Natura &Co. board at such an exciting time in their evolution. I look forward to...


Carver Korea deal Korea’s most profitable private equity acquisition

The 2016 Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs investment in South Korean cosmetics firm Carver Korea has been reported as being Korea’s most profitable private equity deal. The two companies invested 300 billion won into the company and have since seen a return of more than six times the invested capital, according to the Korea Economic Daily. Both Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs received proceeds of 1.88 trillion won in 12 months, with Unilever having acquired shares in the company for approximately 3 trillion via the Bain-Goldman consortium, as well as other shareholders, in 2017. The paper reviewed 42 South...


Dollar General debuts private label beauty line Believe Beauty

US retailer Dollar General has unveiled its latest venture into the cosmetics world with its new private label make-up range, Believe Beauty, according to a report by The range is made up of 150 make-up products including foundation and items for lips and eyes, and is targeted at the mass market consumer with the whole range being under $5. Co-developed by Maesa, the range will be rolled out to the company’s 15,400 stores as well as it’s online site on 1st May. The products are predicted to bring in between $40-$50 million in annual retail sales, according to industry...


L’Oréal: Asia business outpaces Europe for first time as appetite for luxury products grow

L’Oréal’s Asian business recorded more revenue than it’s European business for the first time last quarter, according to a report by Bloomberg. The takeover was put down to the growing appetite for luxury products amongst Asian consumers, despite a slower Chinese economy, with the shift said to emphasis the growing importance of Asia for European cosmetics companies. Speaking on a call with analysts, Chief Executive Officer Jean-Paul Agon said, “It’s a real appetite of the young generation in China to go directly to these luxury brands. It’s really positive for us.” According to Agon, while Western Europe was showing...