Author: Louise Prance-Miles

Cosmetics boost South Korea’s flagging exports market

While South Korea has reported a prolonged drop in exports, policy makers are honing in on one industry that is busy making waves – cosmetics. With overseas sales of South Korean cosmetics posting a 73 per cent boom in July this year, the market is a clear growth engine. All industries posted a 4.9 per cent decline in South Korea, cosmetics is said to be out performing South Korea’s other ‘flagship’ items such as cars, chemicals and steel, with most reporting a drop in sales. The boost in this market has been put down to the increased popularity of...


L’Oreal launches legal proceedings against Australian imitator for Clarisonic brand

Legal proceedings have been launched in the federal court by L’Oreal against Australian company BrandPoint in relation to L’Oreal’s flagship brand Clarisonic and the misleading and deceptive concept of an imitation product launched by BrandPoint. Pacific Bioscience Laboratories launched the Clarisonic Facial Brush in the US in 2004, which was distributed by BrandPoint in Australia from 2010 to 2012 when its distribution agreement expired and L’Oreal acquired Clarisonic. Over 10 million of the devices have been sold worldwide. Following the expiration of the distribution agreement, BrandPoint launched its own product in 2008, the PuraSonic facial cleansing brush, which has...


Beauty Africa Exhibition provides platform for Nigerian beauty professionals

With the growth of the Nigerian cosmetics industry showing significant promise in the last few years, business people are continuing to invest in R&D while exhibitions such as Beauty Africa Exhibition continue to provide opportunities to forge new business deal and boost the market further. A report by PwC has reported that Nigeria’s personal care and beauty market was estimated to be worth $1.7 billion, with a projected growth to $2.7 billion at a 9 per cent growth rate per annum. With many entrepreneurs focused on capitalizing on the growing market and creating products specific to African skin and...


Unilever and U.S. EPA announce research collaboration for non-animal approaches to chemical risk assessment

Personal care giant Unilever and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have joined forces to undertake ground-breaking scientific approaches to assess chemicals used in consumer products without using animal data. The cutting-edge approaches developed by Unilever and EPA are intended to result in better ways to evaluate new ingredients and chemicals, and the potential affect they will have on human health. They are said to represent the first steps in chemical safety testing and risk assessment, making them more relevant to humans, cheaper and faster. Vice President of Unilever’s Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre, Julia Fentem, said, “This research...


Z Skin Cosmetics owner turns down Sephora offer

Ryan Zamo, owner of Z Skin Cosmetics, has turned down an offer from beauty retailer Sephora to stock his natural skin care brand in favour on concentrating on reorganising the team at the core of the brand. The decision to turn down the offer follows the unexpected death of Zamo’s mother, who was Co-Founder of the brand and a long time plant and biologist and horticulturist. Karen Zamo was found dead in Florida home earlier this year, leading to Ryan Zamo taking a four-month hiatus from the business. Sephora approached Zamo prior to his mother’s death to offer to...