Brazil’s packaging industry production fell by 1.47 percent during 2014, with a turnover of R$55.1bn, new figures from the Brazilian Packaging Association reveal.

Broken down by material, the research showed that production of wood packaging decreased by 18.25 percent, plastic packaging decreased by 2.9 percent, metal packaging was down by 1.04 percent and card was down by 0.70 percent.

Glass was the only category to register an increase, with a rise of 1.86% in volume.

The report predicts that production will continue to decline by 0.5 percent to 1.5 percent during 2015. Pressures on the industry are said to reflect general strains on the Brazilian economy.

However, Brazil’s recording higher exports of the majority of packaging types. Exports of glass packaging were up by 28.55 percent, metal packaging was up 16.75 percent, cardboard up 3.24 percent and  wood packaging was up 2.77 percent. The only packaging type to record an export decline was plastic, which decreased by 1.59 percent.