Cosmetic product distribution company Dinaco Impotação Comércio has entered into an exclusive re-seller agreement with industrial bioscience company Amyris Inc for its Neossance line in Brazil. Dinaco will purchase and re-sell Amyris’ Neossance Squalene and Hemisqualene products throughout the country.

“We’re pleased to announce this important agreement, which brings together the high quality and performance of Amyris’ personal care products and the broad distribution experience of Dinaco in the Brazilian market,” said Caroline Hadfield, Senior Vice President, Personal Care, at Amyris. “The growing market for renewably sourced personal care products poses a unique opportunity for Amyris to showcase its expertise in creating sustainable high-performance products that have proven performance.”

Amyris’ Neossance emollients should prove popular in Brazil, where natural, sustainable cosmetics are king; both Neossance Squalene and Hemisqualene are biodegradeable, ECOCERT-approved and USDA-Certified 100 percent Biobased.