Colgate Palmolive has drawn on the influence of fashion blogger Daniela Ramierz and hair and make-up artist Crystal Gossman to push its Colgate Optic White marketing campaign by discussing the latest beauty trends on the catwalks.

While discussing beauty trends the duo also push forward the campaign ethos that beauty comes from within, and having a powerful smile is the epitome of confidence, thus pushing the Colgate Optic White product.

Ramirez states, “For me, your smile is your best accessory. I use Colgate Optic White High Impact White toothpaste and I’ve seen it whiten my teeth by up to four shades, in just six weeks!”

Other beauty trends highlighted by the pair come from Gossman, “To ensure that your hair matches the season and is on trend, I would suggest getting a shorter cut and incorporating lighter color.somber, ombre or balayage are my summer go-to’s, with many clients opting for honey or caramel colors to complement their summer glow.”