An imminent peace deal between the Columbian government and The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC) is said to allow access to areas of the jungle formerly deemed too dangerous for research and as a result create business opportunities for the cosmetics market.

The imminent peace deal between the two parties will allow scientists and researchers to explore parts of the Columbian jungle that have, until now, been a no-go zone due to being ruled by rebel forces, with many biologists and researchers fearing the threat of violence and death.

Being one of the most biologically diverse in the region, Columbia’s jungles have a wealth of untapped areas are said to have a myriad of rare flowers and jungle wildlife as yet unresearched, which will allow a wealth of opportunity for further scientific breakthrough.

According to The Times of India the Columbian government has 22 expeditions already planned for when the deal is signed, with the hope to identify many new natural products that can be sold to the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries and place it in the bio-economy sector.

Having been in conflict for over half a century the two parties are said to be close to reaching a peace deal, however, this has thrown up concerns regarding how to conserve the territories and the threat of illegal mining.