Cruelty Free International has launched a European-wide petition to stop the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) unlawfully flaunting European cosmetics animal testing bans.

Calling on cosmetic companies and consumers alike to sign the petition, Cruelty Free International has expressed concerns that the ECHA has been flaunting the Cosmetics Regulation by ‘asking for animal tests on substances used primarily or exclusively in cosmetics.’

Likewise it has raised issue with the fact the agency labels animal testing as being for worker rather than consumer safety in a bid to bypass the ban.

According to a press release, ECHA is ‘interpreting the bans so narrowly as to render them pointless’ with recent animal tests taking place on Octocrylene (a common UV filter used in cosmetics) and Triclosan (a preservative used in cosmetics).

Dr Katy Taylor, Director of Science and Regulatory Affairs at Cruelty Free International, says: “We are extremely alarmed by ECHA undermining the animal testing bans for cosmetics in this way. The point has come where many cruelty free brands are no longer able to reformulate their products because of the steady creep of regulatory testing and could be faced with having to withdraw large numbers of products. We have no doubt that compassionate consumers who don’t want animals to suffer for the sake of their cosmetics, will be outraged by ECHA’s actions.

“We call on cruelty free consumers and all cosmetics companies to join us in this important fight to save both the future of cruelty free cosmetics as well as the many animals destined to a life of suffering in laboratories.
“The Leaping Bunny remains the most challenging cruelty free certification and shows which brands are willing to go the extra mile. We urge shoppers to look for the Leaping Bunny which is the best assurance that a company is doing all it can to ensure its products and ingredients are cruelty free.”