A Danish study has discovered that some cosmetic products sold via the US site Wish.com failed to comply with EU cosmetics regulations, with The Danish Consumer Council warning consumers away from purchasing cosmetics on the site.

According to researchers from the Think Chemicals initiative, out of 39 products brought from the site some 21 items failed to offer an ingredients list as is required under EU cosmetics regulation, while one well-known face cream contained two banned allergenic: allergenic preservatives methylisothiazolinone (MIT) and methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCI).

Stine Müller, Project Manager at the Danish Consumer Council, said, “In general we cannot recommend buying your cosmetics and personal care products on Wish.com.
“Many of the products do not comply with the EU cosmetics regulation simply because they do not have an ingredient list.”

With many products said to have been made in China, the Danish Association of Cosmetics and Detergents (SPT) has said that the website is ‘anti-competitive’ for both European and Danish manufacturers and puts consumers at risk.