The US subsidiary of Dubai-based Darlie Global has opened a new US office in Long Island, New York as it prepares to launch its natural personal care portfolio onto the US market.

Brands such as Dr Neem, Divine Care and Mr Darlie will continue to be produced from Darlie Global’s manufacturing bases in Bangladesh, India and Dubai, with the US office acting as a hub for the North American region. The brands will be distributed via drugstores, discounters and grocery outlets.

“Darlie Global saw a gap for high quality, yet affordable wellness and health care products in the North American market, which led to the conceptualization and launch of Dr. Neem, Mr. Darlie, Celozia, Divine Care Brands,” explains Sakib M Rahman, President & CEO, Darlie Global. “We saw a great opportunity as demand for natural and health care products continues to grow in this region. The new base in the US will act as the launch pad for Dr. Neem, Mr. Darlie, Celozia and Divine Care Brands, while setting our sights firmly on expansion across the region. We are confident that the four brands will naturally appeal to consumers given their well-blended formulations and affordable price points.”