Dollar Shave Club dabbles in fine fragrance and retail

Dollar Shave Club dabbles in fine fragrance and retail

Dollar Shave Club has announced the launch of a new men’s fragrance range, Blueprint, which will see the online subscription razor company launch into new markets, according to Adweek.

Alongside this launch the company has also stated that it has created retail vending machines in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Minneapolis as a way to develop into the retail market.

Dollar Shave Club’s new Blueprint range, priced between $35 to $50, was created in collaboration with fragrance developer Ann Gottlieb and comprises six different colognes within two sets called Fresh and Warm. Market research was undertaken in Austin, Texas, and LA to see how the company should create both the brand and the strategy behind the fragrance.

Founder and CEO Michael Dubin said, “We’ve moved from razors once a month to everything you need to look, smell and feel your best a couple times a year.”

The new cologne is said to align with the company’s mission as well as the new Dollar Shave Club 2.0, with Dubin stating, “It’s been on our road map for a while. This is a huge part of that puzzle for those guys, and we want to make sure we had a solution with them.”

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