The European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety has proposed a reduction to the maximum concentration limit that applies to leave-on cosmetic product o-phenylphenol.

Under current EU cosmetics regulations, the ingredient features in cosmetics at a maximum concentration of 0.2 percent. However, a 2014 risk assessment by the French agency for the safety of medicines and health products (ANSM) led the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety’s to re-evaluate the safety of the ingredient as studies have suggested that o-phenylphenol can have a dispruptive effect on hormone production. 

The Committee now states that a maximum concentration of 0.2 percent for o-phenylphenol as a preservative in leave-on cosmetics is not safe, yet the committee has not flagged up concerns over the same limit in rinse-off products.

The committee’s recently published opinion is open for comments until August 21.