June 29- June 30 2017


Location: MYRIAD by SANA Hotels, Lisbon


Type:  Conference and exhibition




The world of luxury beauty is changing. These days, luxury beauty is so much more than aspirational high-end products available to the select few who can afford their high prices. The new luxury of beauty is about a desire to live healthy and active lifestyles without compromise when it comes to the ingredients used in beauty products or how they are produced. The modern enlightened consumer seeks out so much more from beauty products – experiences, originality, luxurious, indulgent formulations and packaging etc – and expects to be able to find these at all touchpoints, whether in-store, when traveling or online.

Welcome to the world of The New Luxury of Beauty, the overarching focus of the INNOCOS Summit 2017. To truly stay ahead in this marketplace, companies need to respond quickly and decisively to global trends, transforming traditional customer-facing functions into activities with a competitive edge. Join us at this exciting and informative conference where delegates and speakers can engage in lively and honest discussions with the most innovative leaders* in the industry at INNOCOS summit in Lisbon.




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