Fans praise Urban Decay for promoting ‘real’ skin

Fans praise Urban Decay for promoting ‘real’ skin

Fans have taken to social media to praise beauty brand Urban Decay for promoting authenticity by sharing Instagram make-up looks with lightly or completely unedited skin.

The brand has recently shared a variety of posts from make-up artists using its products, with the model’s skin left largely untouched, showcasing freckles and marks that would normally be edited in professional images.

Consumers took to Instagram to make comments such as ‘It’s refreshing! And a good reminder of what skin should look like. It looks healthy and REAL!” and “I love it when makeup companies show skin unedited,” highlighting the continued trend for a more natural make-up movement.

Taking to the comment section on a repost from beauty brand founder and make-up artist Linda Hallberg, another user wrote, “Urban, I feel like you’ve really been listening to your commenters and started showing us REAL artists again, not over filtered, Photoshopped nonsense. Super inspiring to showcase real talent! Love the diversity and humanity.”

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