Footballers Matheiu Flamini and Mesut Özil have launched a wellbeing brand named Unity that is designed with a sustainable future in mind.

The co-founders launched the range in a bid to allow consumers to ‘feel and do good.’ Unity comprises 11 vegan-friendly products that feature the highest grade of up to 100 percent natural origin formulations free from SLS and SLES, parabens, PEGS, mineral oil, silicones, synthetic colours and artificial fragrance.

Speaking in a joint statement, Flamini and Özil said, “UNITY came from a passion to prove that we can do good for ourselves, while also doing good for our planet. The damage that has already been done is irreversible, but we can take charge of what happens next by making better choices. Everybody should have equal access to affordable, natural products that aren’t harmful to the sustainability of our planet and our bodies. UNITY is founded on the belief that progress and improvement only happens when we work together, so we’re hoping we can start to tackle these major global issues as a collective and that our efforts will start to inspire others to follow suit.”

The range can be brought through the Unity website as a one-off purchase or via a subscription model, with 1 percent of all company revenues going towards charitable causes