Gillette and TerraCycle launch razor recycling program

Gillette and TerraCycle launch razor recycling program

Gillette has partnered with international recycling leader TerraCycle to launch the US’ first national recycling program for disposable razors, blade cartridge units and their packaging.

The program will accept all brands and will offer consumers three options. First, clients can sign up on the program’s web page, then download a self-funded tracking label and send their razors and associated packaging to be recycled. Second, they can search on the website for local businesses that offer a drop off service; and third, those that subscribe to Gillette’s On Demand service can re-package their waste in the On Demand waste and send to TerraCycle direct.

“Through this innovative, first of its kind program, disposable razors, replaceable-blade cartridge units and their associated packaging are now nationally recyclable through the Gillette Recycling Program,” said TerraCycle CEO and founder Tom Szaky. “We are proud to partner with this forward-thinking company to offer consumers a way to divert razor waste from landfills.”

“We are very excited about our partnership with TerraCycle to offer recycling for Gillette, Venus or any razor brand across the US This is an important first step towards sustainable solutions for shaving products and the start of an exciting journey with Gillette and TerraCycle. We are thrilled to bring this option to our consumers in the US and are already working on plans to rollout to more countries very soon.” said Gillette CEO, Gary Coombe.

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    Terra Cycle is setting the pace in so many markets for a whole range of products.
    The methodology the company has used in the USA to implement the programme
    is also innovative and well thought out.
    Less razor waste going to landfill, particularly working with the No1 brand, is a massive
    step in the right direction.


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