GIVAUDAN ACTIVE BEAUTY – Virtual Reality Skin Application – trending at … in-cosmetics 2016 

Bringing even more than high performance ingredients every day, Givaudan cosmetic team has designed an educative and entertaining application named ‘Skin Odyssey’.

This virtual reality experience will transport you in an amazing journey almost like in the awarded Fantastic Voyage movie from Richard Fleischer. During this incredible trip, you will be temporarily reduced to a microscopic scale to take place onboard a Spherulites™ capsule, a technological vector which will drive you into the layers of the skin, down to the extra-cellular matrix.
“Most of the marketing supports in our cosmetic industry are in flat 2D, while our skin is a living 3D construction” says Célia Goudin, Digital Marketing Project Manager. “We want to share our passion of skin science and digital innovation, and let everyone enjoy diving into the beautiful 3D architecture of our skin. This is an incredible sensation to engage all your senses in a full immersion into your own body. This lets you better understand the perfection of skin biological structures and their evolution upon aging. Skin Odyssey is a unique experience created in synergy with our biologists and we look forward to sharing this innovation with all our customers in the cosmetic sector.
The Skin Odyssey application will be freely downloadable to everybody in both iOS and Android versions from a dedicated webpage on April 12th, and Givaudan’s customers will be offered to enjoy this experience with a VR headset during their visit on the booth at in cosmetics.

Come and engage your senses with this application in the Virtual Reality corner of Givaudan Active Beauty Booth n° K50 at in cosmetics Paris (April 12th to 14th)