Golden Agri Resources (GAR) has published a time-bound plan to achieve full traceability for all the palm oil purchased and processed by the company by 2020.

“We led the way in committing to delink palm oil production from deforestation in 2011 and hope that we can now set a new example of how to improve engagement productivity and sustainability across the industry. The journey will not be easy or straightforward, and will require the involvement of thousands of farmers but with the support of our partners we have set a goal of 2020 to realise our ambition,” said Agis Purnomo, MD for Sustainability and Strategic Stakeholder Engagement at GAR.

GAR’s plan comprises two phases: the first will establish traceability for its 44 directly-owned mills, accounting for 40 percent of total supply. The company aims to complete this by 2017.

The second, which will run concurrently and is due to be completed by the close of 2020, will establish traceability to plantation for third-party mills.