A study conducted by Greenpeace has concluded that brands are not doing enough to eliminate microbeads from beauty and personal care products, according to a report published by Hong Kong Free Press.

Greenpeace studied policies on the use of microbeads in cosmetics at the top 30 beauty companies, finding Chanel, Estée Lauder, LG, Kose and Amway to be ‘the most disappointing’.

“Many corporations have a very narrow definition of microplastics. For example, Chanel and LG have policies, but they only apply to rinse-off products and others such as foundation and BB cream aren’t included,” Greenpeace Senior Campaigner, Kate Lin Pui told the Hong Kong Free Press.

Greenpeace called on cosmetics companies to ‘immediately improve or establish sound policies to eliminate microplastics from their products to stop polluting the oceans’. The NGO also called on consumers to boycott products that contain microbeads.