Greenpeace takes aim at Unilever et all with new Emma Thompson-narrated palm oil short film

Greenpeace has created a short film narrated by English actress Emma Thompson, which is aimed at putting the spotlight on the destruction caused by the palm oil industry.

Thompson narrates Rang-tan, an orangutan whose forest home in Indonesia has been destroyed by the palm oil industry, placing pressure on cosmetic producers such as Unilever in a bid to encourage the suppliers to cease use of palm oil in their products.

The short film, which was was created by creative agency Mother, directed by Salon Apin and produced by Oscar-winning Passion Animation Studios, is hoped to play a part in raising awareness of the continued deforestation process in the supply of palm oil. Diana Ruiz, head of Greenpeace USA’s palm oil campaign, stated that the industry is not on track to stopping the use of ‘dirty’ palm oil and that the practice is not ‘slowing down’.

Thompson said, “When Greenpeace asked me to narrate ‘Rang-tan,’ I didn’t hesitate. For too long, big brands have been getting away with murder.
“By making a noise, demanding answers and forcing change, we can stop feeling sorry.”

Greenpeace is encouraging viewers to sign a petition to encourage big companies to stop using palm oil from endangered regions.

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  1. gkim

    If no use of palm oil, how are we supposed to wash our hair and body?
    Should we go back to the primitive age with no shower then?
    I doubt that Greenpeace has a perfect solution to human’s global palm oil consumption…
    Palm oil is the most cost-effective source of personal care ingredients which means that we need to use extra amounts of other sources to generate the same impact as coconut oil and palm oil make.
    It will eventually cause another deforestation anyway.


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