Luxury UK retailer Harvey Nichols is set to stock ASX-listed MGC Pharmaceuticals’ medicinal cannabis cosmetics line, with the store announcing it will sell the MGC Derma and Derma Plus ranges.

The range of 18 products, which contain cannabidiol, will be sold via the Beyond Beauty department at the Knightsbridge store as well as online at the end of this month.

MGC Managing Director Roby Zomer, said, “We are excited to see the MGC Derma collection gaining such traction with premium retail platforms internationally. Harvey Nichols is known for its strict selection of brands and we feel we are well positioned alongside some of the industry’s leading products.”

Targeting consumers with skin problems, the products are said to help treat ailments such as redness, dryness, flakiness, oiliness, acne and blemish-prone skin.

The deal to sell the products in a premium retailer will help boost MGC’s onslaught on the cosmetics market, with the company reportedly looking to ramp up sales of its cannabis-based products over the coming year through sales from the luxury sector.

Harvey Nichols Concessions & Beauty Buying Director Jo Osborne, said, “We are continually searching for new brands that stand out from the crowd and we believe MGC Derma is exactly that and will be extremely popular with our luxury customers who are looking for the next big thing in skincare.”