Pop up retail spaces are said to be the answer to high retail rents and shrinking volumes in Hong Kong, with brands such as beauty giant Shiseido capitalizing on the growing trend.

PopUp Angels is a Singapore-based company that is offering short time-frame retail spaces to companies that can’t afford the high rents in Hong Kong, apparently offering many online brands the chance to get their offerings onto the high street.

Kit Chan, Founder of PopUp Angels, stated that the demand for pop-up stores rose 50 percent in the past year, with the company having dealt with behemoths such as Shiseido in order to boost new product launches.

Chan said, “Often, makeup and cosmetics brands are based out of department stores with their own counters, and it is difficult for them to build infrastructure just to promote something for several days.”

Rents are offered from between a few weeks to a few months, with malls such as Hysan Development’s Hysan Place, Swire Properties’ Pacific Place and Harbour City having been reserved solely for pop-up stores or events.