German hotel cosmetics manufacturer ADA Cosmetics International has acquired Scanamenities, a Danish company operating in the same market.

Through the acquisition, ADA will take over 100 percent of Scanamenities, retroactively to January 1.

The takeover will enable ADA, established in 1979 and active in central and southern Europe and Eastern Asia, to expand into the Scandinavian market and northern Europe.

The Scanamenities brand and portfolio will be fully integrated into ADA’s current product offering.

Headquartered in Copenhagen, Scanamenities has been supplying cosmetics and dispenser systems  products to the hotel industry, airlines, cruise ships and vacation resorts since 1986. The company’s clients include well-known chains such as Nordic Choice Hotels, First Hotels and Thon Hotels.

Wilhelm Könning, CEO of the ADA Group, noted, “This investment lays important groundwork for us to gain a foothold in Scandinavia. We will, however, also harness the expertise of our new subsidiary as well as the sales and marketing synergies to further our expansion in the new markets.”

Scanamaniteies CEO Stefan Schmidt, will continue to manage operations, and commented, “For us, the affiliation with the global ADA Group represents an opportunity to generate sustainable growth and to exponentiate current competencies together. I consider it to be a significant advantage with a long-term, substantial future potential that both companies subscribe to the same concepts of quality, design and ecological responsibility.”