Luxury beauty company Hourglass Cosmetics is looking to stay ahead of the growing cruelty-free trend and has committed to becoming an all-vegan brand by 2020. 

Hourglass Cosmetics already sells mainly vegan products, yet has now pledged to remove any ingredient that is not fully vegan within two years, with the company looking to bio-tech experts to produce replacement ingredients of the same quality. 

Ingredients the company is looking to remove include the sheepskin-derived wax lanolin, dye made from beetle’s wings, carmine, and beeswax. 

CEO Carisa Janes told Glossy, “Luxury is a combination of innovation and integrity, and our values have always been exemplified in our commitment to creating cruelty-free products,” she said of the transition. “If we are truly committed to being 100 percent cruelty-free, we shouldn’t have animal-derived ingredients in our products.”

Current vegan products in the company’s portfolio include the Veil Mineral Primer and Ambient Lighting Palette.