INOLEX – SustOleo™ A direct solution for exiting the palm industry – trending at … in-cosmetics 2016

INOLEX is pleased to announce the launch of SustOleo, a complete system of palm free ingredients, which will be formally launched at In-

Cosmetics, April 12-14th in Paris, France.


“We are pleased to provide this completely palm-free solution for formulators seeking a true

alternative” said Fana Makonnen, Technical Marketing Manager at INOLEX. “Consumers,

retailers, and brands are increasingly focused on the environmental impact of their products,

and we believe that SustOleo provides a significant step forward not just for meeting consumer

preferences but also in improving the world around us.”


The palm industry has long been criticized for its negative environmental and ecological

impacts. It has been associated with deforestation, habitat destruction, climate change, animal

cruelty, indigenous rights abuses, and biodiversity destruction. Sustainable palm organizations

have attempted to monitor palm production with limited effectiveness due to the complicated

web of relationships and abundant loopholes. As a result, personal care consumers, retailers,

and brands are looking for ways to fully exit the palm industry.


SustOleo ingredients provide new and innovative palm-free alternatives for ingredient

categories that have historically been palm-derived. These ingredients include sensory fluids,

emulsifiers, and texturizers that are biodegradable and natural. With a robust and sustainable

supply chain, reliable origins, and reasonable costs, INOLEX’s SustOleo line provides a unique

solution for the increasingly environmentally-conscious personal care industry.



INOLEX is an independent, global personal care ingredient company with expertise in synthesis and

formulation, providing innovative materials for the world’s leading cosmetic and consumer product

companies. INOLEX products include new, non-toxic technologies for preserving cosmetics, highperformance

polymers for sun-care applications, and numerous other renewable, sustainable,

green-chemistry-based ingredients which provide effective solutions for customers.



Fana Makonnen, Technical Marketing Manager

INOLEX, Incorporated

+1 215-320-1534