#IWILLNOTBEDELETED: Rimmel launches film to mark start of global cyber bullying campaign

Rimmel London has launched its global #IWILLNOTBEDELETED campaign against cyberbullying with an emotive film that features victims of beauty cyber bullying.

Timed to coincide with Anti-Bullying Week, the film narrates the experiences of young people throughout the world who have experienced cyber bullying first hand, supported by Rimmel global brand ambassadors Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne who also share their own stories of trolls.

The Coty-owned brand is also partnering with The CyberSmile Foundation and will work on a state-of-the-art tool  to help victims of cyberbullying. In addition, Rimmel has published a white paper, Beauty Cyberbullying – Expression Repression, which details a study of 11,000 women aged 16-25. One in four of those surveyed said they had experienced cyber bullying, and some 46 percent of victims have self-harmed.

“The release of our film to mark the start of the global #IWILLNOTBEDELETED campaign is a hugely exciting moment for everyone that has been involved thus far,” said Sara Wolverson, Vice President of Rimmel Global Marketing, Coty.

“At Rimmel, we have a clear purpose as a brand to inspire people to experiment and express themselves through make-up. Beauty cyberbullying is on the rise and the white paper that we publish today includes some truly shocking findings.

“We launch our global campaign today to give a voice to people who have been beauty cyberbullied and we offer them this platform to tell their stories

“We believe by through sharing this film and delivering this campaign, we will raise global awareness of this issue. Our partnership with The CyberSmile Foundation is an integral part of ambition to find solutions to some of these global issues.”

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