French beauty powerhouse L’Oréal is allocating more spend to Amazon search in a bid to use the online powerhouse as a source of inspiration for activity such as consumer trends, according to a report by Digiday.

As Amazon fast becomes the consumer search option of choice when seeking out beauty products, L’Oréal is putting more of its UK budget into the site, with the spend expect to grow alongside the increase in volume of searches.

Nick Buckley, L’Oréal’s Digital Director in the UK, has stated L’Oréal is aiming to “buying up all the inventory on the platform. As we start buying keywords in other categories [skin care and luxury goods], this will naturally increase the scale.”

He continued, “We’re seeing people initially go to Amazon to find out information about a product before then jumping outside of that to YouTube, where they can see how to apply those products.
“Then, they’re moving on to Google to compare that same product with others. [Amazon is] an e-commerce platform, but we believe it’s more than that.”