L’Oréal’s unbranded editorial website, Fab Beauty, is gradually gaining traction among beauty fans, according to an article published by Advertising Age. Launched last summer, Fab Beauty features products from rival brands and carries no branding or e-commerce.

The site has reported a bounce rate of less than 25 percent, compared to the industry standard of 40 to 70 percent, and boasts a worldwide audience from 150 countries, with viewers spending more than two minutes per article on the site.

“We’ve always said our job is to launch brands and products, but also to promote and endorse the industry of beauty. It’s an industry people relate to, and we are lucky that it’s so inspiring and engaging,” An Verhulst-Santos, President of L’Oréal’s Professional Products Division told Advertising Age. “We are still at the beginning of the adventure. For Fab, success is about having curated content that gradually brings in the audience and gets positive feedback. You can’t build that in one year.”

The content centers around key trends and inspiration from related industries, such as fashion and design, as well as exploring global beauty secrets. “This is about neutrality, experience, and craft, not about a product destination – we have other places to do that,” added Verhulst-Santos.

Unbranded content has become an increasingly popular way to engage consumers, with LVMH, ASOS and Aesop all eschewing the hard sell in favor of more rounded, editorial-style marketing tools.