Beauty giant L’Oréal USA has continued its support of the New York Coalition of One Hundred Black Women’s annual Role Model Program by hosting 10 high school and 28 college students at its headquarters over the spring break.  

The Role Model program aims to help women in the workplace through mentoring schemes and helping learn practical work place schemes.

As part of the spring break program, the students took part in a variety of development workshops for both personal professional skills, while the college members spent two days with mentors while the high school students attended cultural presentations. These included visits to the National Museum of the American Indian, WBLS-FM, and an “Immersion” at ESSENCE magazine.

Cecilia Nelson, L’Oréal’s Assistant Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion said, “Our theme this year was ‘Engage, Educate, Empower’. One of L’Oréal USA’s core values is support for programs that empower women and girls.”

The program runs with numerous schools and colleges in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens and awards more than $15,000 in scholarships every year to the Role Model program students.

Avalyn Simon, President of the New York Coalition of One Hundred Black Women, said, “We had another exceptional program this year and from the early feedback of the participants, we have definitely exceeded our goal of helping these young women to be their best selves and to embrace their power as they chart their unique paths.”