Hugh Pile, Marketing Officer for L’Oréal Western Europe, is to be replaced as he takes a year off from the company to work on branding for his family business.

Stéphane Bérubé, Chief Marketing Officer at L’Oréal Canada, will take over the role from Pile on a permanent basis, who will be taking on the role of Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Blue Sky Holdings, a fresh fruit and fruit juice supplier to stores such as Waitrose and Amazon Fresh.

Bérubé takes on the position following the announcement of his departure from his role for the Canadian arm of the company last month.

Despite his sabbatical, Pile will continue working for L’Oréal on specific projects over the course of a few days a month.

L’Oréal said in a statement, “After much deliberation, Hugh has decided to take a one-year sabbatical to help accelerate the branding elements of his family business. We completely respect and understand Hugh’s decision and are very happy to support him in this exciting new enterprise.”