LABORATOIRES PROD’HYG – ProdhyGem® FIT – trending at … in-cosmetics 2016 

ProdhyGem® FIT, the new firming botanical ingredient by Laboratoires PROD’HYG  is extracted from French chestnut trees buds thanks to the ancestral non-conventional science: the Gemmotherapy. 

The technical data, confirmed by clinical tests, have shown that ProdhyGem® FIT provides activities on skin firmness, skin surface aspect and severity of cellulite, that make it the ideal active for firming or slimming products.

ProdhyGem® FIT is a unique active complex whose combines efficacy and phytotherapy. Inspired from ancestral extraction model, this innovative functional extract improves skin firmness and reduces the orange-peel look thanks to molecules extracted from botanical buds cells.

The plant bud is the vegetal tissue capable of creating the new cells in the growth zone. It contains the whole genetic signature of the plant. The plant bud holds information to regenerate all botanical organs, from roots to seeds.”