L’Oréal has connected with its Chinese consumers through a new collaboration with trendy tea shop Hey Tea via the WeChat app.

The partnership, which highlights the French beauty giant’s dedication to localizing its marketing and building on regional preferences, sees the launch of exclusive Hey Tea-inspired lipsticks called Color It Hey Tea, which are only available via Hey Tea and L’Oréal social media accounts.

Not for sale to the general public, the Hey Tea x L’Oréal lipstick gift box can be won through giveaways or purchased in the Hey Tea online shop using its member points. Spread out across WeChat, Weibo, and Douyin, there are unique giveaways on each platform with WeChat asking consumers to leave a comment sharing why they want the lipstick set.

The top 15 most-liked comments will then win a lipstick set while the next 16-20 comments will receive a Hey Tea membership card – a much sought-after prize from the new cult tea brand.

L’Oréal China is thought to be capitalizing on a strong market through the collaboration, with the Hey Tea target audience being a young female customer base.