Japanese biotech start-up Maz World has opened a research and development center in Hong Kong’s Science Park.

The company has teamed up with Zeal Cosmetics to develop a range of products based on its ostrich-derived antibodies, including a skin care line and bird flu masks.

“Hong Kong is an ideal location for Maz World to commercialise ostrich antibody technology, with an international environment to test new products and look for strategic collaboration partners and investment opportunities. Here at Hong Kong Science Park we have already accessed many like-minded key stakeholders in the innovation and technology industry and built local and international networks,” said Gene Shigekawa, Managing Partner of Maz World.

Maz World’s patented technology allows the company to produce large numbers of anitbodies from a single ostrich egg, while Zeal is known for its antibody-based cosmetics and health care products targeted at those who suffer from acne and dermatitis.