Modiface launches Virtual Nail Salon app

Modiface launches Virtual Nail Salon app

L’Oréal-owned Modiface has launched a new Virtual Nail Salon app that can be accessed via the iPhone app store or, according to

The app uses augemented reality to simulate nail varnish on user’s hands and can be created when used either as close as two inches or as far away as 1.6 feet from the hands.

Speaking about the challenges that arose from the technology, Parham Aarabi, founder and chief executive officer of the AR and artificial intelligence technology provider, said, “One is tracking, so knowing where the nails are in the video. Because nails — sometimes they look very similar to skin color, especially if they are not painted. It can be very hard to know exactly what is the nail boundary versus the hand boundary, the finger boundary. Also, nails can be colored or not colored. There could be different polish on them.”

Speaking of the second challenge of ensuring the nail varnish was applied properly and that there was the correct virtual texture, he said, “We created a technology that can take any texture, [and it] actually renders that on the hand. One of the unique features of the app is that you can take a photo of any texture or even object, and that can actually become nail-polish art, which is very interesting and should be fun for people to try out.”

The new development is said to allow ModiFace execs to assess the impact of the Virtual Nail Salon and how well it works as an ongoing process.

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  1. TOURET elodie

    Dommage l’appli ne fonctionne pas sur un iPhone 6 ! Seulement quelques traits colorés apparaissent sur les ongles via la caméra … On est bien loin du rendu Ongles Manucurés que l’on devrait visualiser !


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