Momentive Performance Materials introduces new polymer at in-cosmetics Barcelona

Momentive Performance Materials introduces new polymer at in-cosmetics Barcelona

US ingredients manufacturer Momentive Performance Materials is due to introduce SilForm INX fluid at in-cosmetics Barcelona from April 14-16.

SilForm INX fluid is an ionic polymer, which serves as an additive to improve formulations for colour cosmetics and hair care products.

According to manufacturers, when neutralized, the polymer forms a shiny, crystal clear ionic network which can provide transfer resistance, extended durability for long-wear cosmetics, shine and miniaturisation in color cosmetics formulations, anti-frizz and shine benefits to hair, and longer retention of fragrance on hair.

A spokesperson for Momentive commented, “The silicone chemistry offers benefits beyond traditional resins since it does not crack or dull most colour cosmetic formulations and it is so light and comfortable that it can leave hair feeling touchable and soft. SilForm INX fluid is an excellent choice for cosmetic formulators to consider to enhance their lip color formulations, foundations, concealers, mascaras, eyeliners, cream blushes and eye shadows as well as leave-in and rinse-off hair treatments.”

Representatives from Momentive will be demonstrating the benefits of SilForm INX fluid as well as an array of products from their hair care and skin care lines at Booth 6K20.


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