Natural ingredients manufacturer SILAB has inaugurated a new €5m biotechnology production plant in the small village of Saint-Viance, central France.

The 1,500 square meter plant will produce existing ingredients such as yeasts and micro-algae as well as new active ingredients for cosmetics.

Jean Paufique, CEO, commented, “This is a diversification operation to breakthrough technologies in our business. If until now we were working on plant assets, we now also grow large-scale cells, like yeasts, micro algae, mold, bacteria, these microscopic beasts that allow us to manufacture active ingredients for cosmetics and health. “ 

The high-tech production facilities at the plant will help SILAB supply its customers in France and abroad. The site has the capacity to produce 100 tons of biomass per year, the company states.

“We are well in control of our supply, said Jean Paufique. We have access to all the cells of species. This opens millions of new possibilities. We can produce our own species adapted to our products. This will open up new markets in France and abroad. “

SILAB was one of three companies to receive an award for innovation at in-cosmetics Barcalona in April 2015. The Beiersforf Pearlfinder competition rewarded  SILAB for its SILABSKIN® biological 3D models.