Avon’s been working to become a more agile, digitally minded company and the latest social media furore proves it has nailed marketing in the digital era.

Yes, as you’ll probably know by now, Jameela Jamil, an actor known for her starring role in Netflix’s The Good Place as well as her mission to end body shaming via her immensely popular I_Weigh platform this week called out the US branch of Avon for an ad in which it claimed ‘dimples are cute on your face but not on your thighs’.

The brand responded promptly with an apology and a promise to do better.

“We hear you and we apologise,” ran a message posted to the @avoninsider Instagram account. “We messed up on our Smooth Moves Naked Proof messaging. We want to let you know that we are working diligently to remove this messaging from our marketing materials moving forward. Again, we sincerely apologize and want to let you know that we’re on it. We love our community of women.”

Now that’s a masterclass in agility – while its mistake has been covered by every media outlet both in the US and across the pond here in the UK to boot, so too has its apology and willingness to learn. #missionaccomplished