New plant-based glitter brand Bioglitter announces approved resellers scheme

New plant-based glitter brand Bioglitter announces approved resellers scheme

New biodegradable glitter brand Bioglitter has announced an approved resellers scheme that is designed to assure customers of the ‘green’ nature of the product.

According to parent company Ronald Britton, the new approved Bioglitter brand licensee scheme will allow licensees to display the Bioglitter branding on their products to assure consumers of its authenticity. With glitter products currently getting bad press due to the inclusion of microplastics within the product formulation, the new eco-friendly glitter is biodegradable in the natural environment.

Consumers brands taking part in the new scheme include, EcoSparkles, Moon Glitter, Eco Glitter Fun and The Soap Kitchen, amongst others.

Stephen Cotton, commercial director of Ronald Britton said: “There are a lot of glitter suppliers worldwide who claim they make or sell biodegradable glitter, but the consumer often can’t be sure if what they are buying is actually an eco-friendly glitter.  In some cases companies have been selling plastic glitter as Biodegradable.  As the market leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly glitter, developing an approved system where consumer brands can use our Bioglitter® logo on their products, is an assurance for the end user that the product they buy is truly an eco-friendly glitter.”

Recently launched in the UK, Bioglitter has been created to ‘help tackle the problem of microplastic pollution caused by traditional polyester based glitter’ according to the company, with the product using the plant-based product cellulose to replace the use of plastics. The ingredient will natural decompose once it enters soil, compost, waste water or fresh water environments where microorganisms are present.

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    Any brand that helps overcome the huge environmental problem of these types
    of products has to be applauded. A challenging market, let`s hope common sense
    and innovation will prevail.


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