President of Mary Kay Asia-Pacific KK Chua has revealed that the company is hoping to expand its business across the booming Asean markets via a Malaysian hub, according to a report published by New Straits Times.

 “We are looking at Malaysia as a strategic market that can propel us into other booming Asean markets, namely Indonesia and Thailand,” Chua told New Straits Times. “We are not just looking at Malaysia from a sales perspective, it is also about the long-term strategic perspective. If we are strong in Malaysia, we can also jump into Indonesia because it has a lot of cultural similarities in terms of language, culture and genetic make-up. Indonesia is also very attractive, given the population push.

Chua revealed that the company is keen to recreate the success it has enjoyed in China in the Malaysian market, adding at least 30,000 consultants to its Malaysian roster by 2020.