Nivea has launched new airline ranges of its bestselling cosmetics and skincare products, which will be sold exclusively through the inflight market.

The two new sets, which will retail across Europe from this month, include the The Nivea Crème Set (€8) which contains five 30ml tins of the bestselling Nivea Crème and the Luscious Lips Set (€12), which contains five Lip Butter flavours- Original, Raspberry Rose, Macadamia, Cocoa and Coconut.

The new Lip Butter flavours Cocoa and Coconut will also launch individually in April in travel retail and will be priced at €2.70 each.

Sigmar Werz, Director of New Routes to Market, Beiersdorf AG said, “These items are fantastically priced impulse buys and will do as well as a quick grab product by a cash desk in the airport as they will in an inflight brochure.”