Estée Lauder heir accuses Kreab of ‘fake news’ smear campaign

April 19, 2017 Written by 
Estée Lauder heir accuses Kreab of ‘fake news’ smear campaign Estee Lauder

Ronald Lauder has accused one of the world’s biggest public affairs and corporate communications firms, Kreab, of running a smear campaign designed to discredit him, according to a report published by The Times.

Lauder has highlighted Kreab’s involvement in the Centre for Media Transparency think tank, which was dissolved earlier this month. The organization is thought to have been founded by Kreab, with the domain name linked to employees at the communication firm’s London office, an association which was not disclosed on the center’s website.

Prior to its demise, the center published a 56-page report on media ownership in Romania, which included a profile of Ronald Lauder, detailing his links to Central European Media Enterprises.

Kreab declined to comment on the accusations when contacted by The Times.


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