The Estée Lauder Companies brings shareholder report into 21st century with shoppable imagery

October 5, 2017 Written by 

The Estée Lauder Companies (ELC) is shaking up the staid world of shareholder reports and has brought its 2017 year in review into the 21st century, with the report containing shoppable imagery.

Diversifying away from the traditional text and graph-laden report formats of old, the ELC 2017 review offers digital video statements from the likes of Executive Chairman William P. Lauder and President and CEO Fabrizio Freda, while there is also interesting video options highlighting the company’s annual journey.

However, it’s the introduction of shoppable images and click-through hyperlinks on products that is most innovative, with the company allowing readers instant purchasing power at their fingertips.

Likewise, while still keen to showcase its desirability to the much coverted Millenial group, the company has steered away from highlighting this through text, and has instead created a short film to document the buyer’s journey from seeking out the product, to purchase.

Louise Prance Miles

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