L’Oréal has revealed plans to disclose certain fragrance ingredients for its products, according to a report published by Chemical Watch. A spokesperson for the French beauty giant declined to confirm a specific launch date for the initiative to the publication, claiming it was ‘confidential’.

“We would like to take this opportunity to state our future goal of communicating to a larger extent the composition of our perfumes in all our products, in a way that meets the expectations of our customers and ensures their safety while at the same time respecting the know-how of our perfume creators and protecting us from the major risks of fine fragrance counterfeiting,” the company representative told Chemical Watch.

The move comes as pressure mounts for personal care manufacturers to be transparent about the contents of their products; NGO US Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) has been calling for L’Oréal to be more open with consumers.

“Certain fragrance chemicals have been linked to cancer and hormone disruption, and consumers have a right to know which chemicals are in the products they use. L’Oréal should step up and disclose fragrance ingredients, because we’re worth it,” Dev Gowda, Director of Make It Toxic Free for US PIRG told Chemical Watch.