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Brand Value:  3,986 (US $ millions) 

Company Profile

Skin care brand Olay was originally founded in South Africa in 1949 by chemist Graham Wulff. The brand was initially named Oil of Olay, chosed by Wulff as a spin on the word lanolin, a key ingredient in the products.  Olay’s first ever marketing campaign was unique, since it was never described as a moisturizer, nor even as beauty fluid. Nowhere on the packaging did it say what the product actually did. Print adverts used slogans such as “Share the secret of a younger looking you” and talked about the “beauty secret” of oil of Olay. Olay was acquired by Proctor & Gamble in 1985 and had become one of the group’s billion dollar brands by 2003.

Top 3 Competitors

Johnson & Johnson