Professional cosmetic dental brand Popwhite has launched a natural toothpaste and toner that applies the color correcting principles commonly used in make-up primers and shampoos to the oral hygiene category.

The toothpaste’s unusual purple shade is said to counteract yellow tones in teeth, in a similar fashion to hair care products designed to eliminate brassy tones from platinum dos.

“The beauty industry already relies on color science: to neutralize a color, make-up artists add the undesired color’s complement (the opposite color on the color wheel). Many skincare concealers, CC (color correcting) creams and hair color care products are designed around the fact that complementary colors, when mixed, cancel each other out,” reads the brand’s press release. “Inspired by the art and science of beauty, Popwhite was born when an innovative make-up artist and an experienced dental scientist had the bright idea to whiten smiles naturally with premium oral care products built around an exclusive purple formula.”

The toothpaste contains peppermint oil, xylitol and coconut oil for gentle teeth whitening and is free from peroxide. Sold via the brand’s website, the duo retails for US$38 and claims to whiten teeth an average of four shades when used twice a day for 14 days.